Ireland a rich history.
Ireland is only the size of west Virginia
Wherever you stop for a pint,you will never be further
Than 70miles from the sea,and yet this tiny island land
Has one of the richest histories in the western world


Erin Go Bragh,
Ireland Forever.


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The Celtic Heritage Society of Canada changed it's name and became the Irish Heritage Society of Canada in October of 2006.

Mission Statement:

'To vigorously celebrate, nurture and preserve the contribution of Irish & Celtic Heritage within the cultural mosaic of our Community, our Province and our Nation'.




Directors & Officers:


President – John A (Tony) McCamley
1st Vice President – George McDonnell
2nd Vice President - Ivan Douglas
Secretary – Adrienne Sutherland
Treasurer - Gwen McCamley
Director - Thomas O’Flynn
Director - John O’Flynn
Director - Sean Quinn
Director - Teresa McDonnell
Director - Maureen Gerrard 
Director - Mark Mc Donnell